Thursday, November 1, 2012


Thursday, November 1, 2012
Growing up I wasn't allowed to dress up for Halloween or go trick or treating.  We did once when I was 7 and that was because our neighbors asked our parents.  I think my parents thought we would get kidnapped or maybe someone would poison our candy.  I really don't know.  So growing up every Halloween we would order pizza and stay in and watch movies.

I started dressing up for Halloween when I was 22 and moved away from home.  Over the weekend we decided to dress up as the cast from New Girl.

I was Jess and my friend was Cece.  I purchased our bangs from a while ago.  I like to change up my look.  They came in super handy for the occasion.  I purchased the red dress from ebay and I wore blue contacts since Jess has the bluest eyes ever!  Don't we look like them?!

What do you think?

Yesterday I decided to dress up as Hello Kitty since I thought it would be easy but I think I look more like mini mouse. I used double sided tape to tape on my whiskers (black pipe cleaners broken in half). I styled my hair into a bow. Voila! What do you think? Hello kitty or mini mouse?

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