Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DIY: Peplum

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Did you know that the word peplum derives from the Greek word peplos? Which is the Greek word for tunic.  Google it.   Peplum is supposed to be big this fall.  I love anything peplum.  I mainly wear it for one reason.  I'll reveal that reason in a later post.   I also love soft t-shirts.  J crew has the best soft tees.  Love! I went to Target the other day and a pack of men's Hanes tshirts was $22! Weren't they like $10 before? Anyway, as I was perusing the women's section at Target I had a great idea.  I will make my own t-shirt!!! Sort of.  Not just any t-shirt.  A peplum t-shirt.  A perfect combination of style and comfort.  Yay me for my great ideas! After I googled "how to make your own peplum top" it turns out others have done it before me but I got a general sense of how to conjugate my own and here goes . . . .

1. You need two shirts.  One your size and one about 2-3x larger.
2. Decide how far down you want the peplum on the regular sized shirt.
3. Draw a line where you want the peplum and cut the shirt one inch below that. 
4. Decide how long you want the peplum.  Add an inch to it. Cut that from the bottom portion of the second t shirt (the larger one). 
5. Stitch the bottom edge of the t-shirt to the top edge of the peplum.  Make sure they are right side out (that took me forever to figure out).  See pictures below.   You have to make sure you pleat it as you stitch it. Or some people gather the ruffle beforehand.


I hope the pictures help. I hand stitched everything because my sewing machine is in storage and I prefer to hand stitch because I still don't know how to fully use my sewing machine. 

I can't wait to wear it, it's super comfy!

And now the pics . . .

OOTD: Peplum top from Anthropologie, Burberry jeans, House of Harlow cuff 

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