Sunday, November 4, 2012


Sunday, November 4, 2012
Remember Carrie's infamous naked dress? The one she wore on her first date with Mr. Big? Well, I have  the equivalent. I wore celebrity favorite, Jovani, for my 30th birthday in Miami and it was perfect but I haven't found much use for it since. Why the illusion of nudity? I don't know. Hmm, attention maybe. Not sure. I mean many have done it before me right? Britney Spears at the 2000 MTV VMAs and J. Lo in her on the floor video. Perhaps it's not the need for attention but the need to stand out? Is that the same thing? Regardless for some reason some women love to flaunt it.   Me included.   I just wanted something unique and pretty and of course sparkly.  I don't anticipate making much use of this dress, for one it stands out so you'll remember seeing me in it if I wear it more than once but I can't get rid of it! I love it.

It was my friend's birthday on Saturday and we were meeting for dinner at Panache.  I wanted to wear something nice but I refuse to buy any more clothes.  Time to get creative.  I decided to pair my "naked" dress with a Sabine skirt that I purchased from Piperlime and B by Bryan Atwood sparkly peep toe booties.   The dress served as a top.  I must say I was very pleased.  I received many compliments and inquiries on the dress.

I think next Halloween I'll dress up as Katy Perry and wear it again.  What do you think?


I purchased the dress from Signature boutique in Georgetown.  Jovani 7757 dress found here.  If paying that much isn't in your plans I've selected other options that are not exactly the same but will help you stand out in any party or special occasion.

And now the pics . . . .

Jovani 7757 

What do you think of my outfit? Hot or not?

And now the look for less . . . .

Image 1 of Love Sequin Halter Chiffon Tutu Dress Image 2 of Love Sequin Halter Chiffon Tutu Dress
Image 3 of Lipsy Embellished Body-Conscious Dress Image 2 of Lipsy Embellished Body-Conscious Dress
Image 1 of Lipsy Embellished Mesh Dress Image 2 of Lipsy Embellished Mesh Dress

So many dresses!


  1. I never knew about your blogspot! I had to start my paper an hour ago but then got hooked up with your great ideas, randomness, and fun thoughts. You are great! I am still in love with that Jovani dress and I think it looks beautiful on you.
    I already miss you Alma honey ...
    - Nadia.

    1. PS: I meant "hooked "on" your great ideas ... " :)


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