Thursday, November 8, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Ok. I like instagram. I love instagram actually but there's one thing that really annoys me and that's when people inappropriately tag a picture as a throwback. Ok. It is not a throwback if it happened last week. It is not throwback if it happened last month. When a sports team wears a throwback jersey, it's usually from a different era or decade. The same applies to vintage clothing. It's not vintage if you bought it 6 months ago!!!

First off only post throwback Thursday photos on Thursday. Not on Monday or Wednesday trying to plan ahead.

I think, and this is my personal opinion, that a throwback picture should be at least 5 years old. At least. I think that's pretty lenient considering that in reality the most recent throwback Thursday photo you should post should be from 2000. That would be considered the previous decade.

If you want to post a throwback picture from last month just because you look cute and you want a reason to post it that doesn't make you seem vain or thirsty, just post it! People on instagram shamelessly post self portraits (I'm the number one culprit). So, it's perfectly ok. Aside from profiling your photography skills and what not Instagram is really just self promotion right? I love it. It's not like I can post 15 pictures a day on Facebook. People would judge me, but it's perfectly acceptable to do so on Instagram. Right?

And now the pics . . . Sorry for the poor quality but these are from a time when digital cameras were non existent.

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