Friday, November 9, 2012

Do you believe in magic? I mean ghosts.

Friday, November 9, 2012
I'm not one to believe in the super natural. Growing up my dad always said: you should never fear the dead, you should fear the living. Which makes complete sense. What's a ghost going to do? Pull my feet? That's what they do.  Isn't it?

About 6 years ago I had a dream that my deceased grandmother was watching over me. She was sitting next to me on my bed. It was just a dream, right? I woke up suddenly and my roommate was sitting there in the exact same spot my grandmother was sitting in. It was just like my dream. Everything. The stillness. The darkness.  My mom thinks my roommate was sent by my grandmother to take care of me. Perhaps. I'm not sure but I'm grateful she was there (I was going through a hard time then).

Last night I felt a presence again. It was a young boy in a wheel chair rolling away from my bed and to the door. I woke up with no one there. Duh! What was I expecting to see? I'm not Haley Joel Osment.

Sometimes I feel like there's someone walking next to me or as if there's something missing. I can't explain it.

I lived in an old Victorian in Philly.   My roommates and I lived in the old maid's chamber. The owner's wife, L,  swore it was haunted. Every night I heard footsteps right outside my door. My roommates heard it too. Not to mention L filled my head with stories. She claimed the piano would play itself at night! So creepy.  She also said  she saw green smoke in the living room.  Really? Was I on an episode of Lost?

I haven't made up my mind. I don't know how I feel about spirits or ghosts or any of that. Do they exist? Is someone trying to send me a message? Should I call the long island medium? Hmmm.

I'm Mexican American and in Mexico we celebrate "El dia de los muertos", Day of the dead.  It is celebrated November 1st and 2nd.  People cook the deceased's favorite food and lay it out hoping their souls will come out and hear the prayers and to hear the living's conversations directed towards them.   I don't know what they do with the food afterwards.  Someone asked me that the other day.  I've never actually celebrated El dia de los muertos but my relatives have.  If you live in Texas, California or Arizona I'm sure you're familiar with the day of the dead celebrations.

Anyway, it's 12:35 AM and the phone just rang! Ahh, it scared the bejesus out of me.  I guess it's time to go to bed.

And now the pics . . . that I took from the web.  Credit below.

                                                           Mexican Sugar Skulls

                               rows of sugar art catrinas which will be purchased to adorn home ofrendas for Day of the Dead in Metepec, Mexico
                                           Picture courtesy of

                                       Haley Joel Osment in The 6th Sense


                            Long Island Medium.  Photo from the TLC website


                                               LOST Smoke Monster credit ABC

                          Lost Smoke Monster

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