Saturday, January 13, 2018

For the love of Yeezus

Saturday, January 13, 2018

I love Kanye . . . LOVE, however this Yeezy line is killing me  . . . . killing me! Sweat pants, leggings, t shirts and hoodies?! So before you start pre ordering your season 6 pieces . . . set to ship out March 1st, I am going to show you my favorite season 5 pieces.  They can be yours without spending a fortune or in my case without spending a dime.  I guarantee you have at least three pieces of his collection in your bottom drawer. Seriously though good for Kanye, only he can charge you an arm and a leg and get away with it!

I actually have tried ordering some of his shoes before.  I've been on the wait list twice at bergdorfs and each time I cannot seem to get my hands on them but trust I will be on the lookout for any sale times . . . Barneys and Bergdorf's carry some of his pieces.  I have my eye on the Yeezy stretch-suede bootie

OOTD deets below . . . you can click on the pic collage at the bottom for links . . .I finally learned how to image map and make the image "clickable".  YAY!

The mud rats are not season 5 but wanted to include . . . they are SOLD OUT.  I don't believe it.  They seriously look like the shoes my high school gym teacher used to wear.  I hate clunky sneakers, but I love Kanye.



Click on images for links . . .  Season 5 inspo

Click on images for links . . . season 5 inspo

Actual Season 5 plus the Yeezy mud rats . . . which are sold out!!! . . . click on images for links
Season 5ish Season 5ish season 5ish Season 5ish Image Map For the love of Yeezus For the love of Yeezus For the love of Yeezus For the love of Yeezus Image Map

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Spring Gift Guide

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Hi guys!

My first blog post of 2018 . . . I still have to post my resolutions one, haha.  #procrastinationnation
So I find myself with a little bit of downtime at work and I start perusing the Neiman Marcus website and then I realized that the best time to buy your gifts for the season is approximately two weeks after Christmas.  Here are my picks, some of these are for upcoming birthdays . ..  January, February and March birthdays.  The good thing about Neiman's is that they take returns for about up to a year if it is unused and you have a receipt so I am kind of tempted to buy Christmas gifts, which you can do too just make sure it's not something too trendy.  Some of these are perfect for Valentine's day, which is coming up so soon . . . I cannot believe it!
Most of these are all under $60 . . . can you believe it?  The turkey spreading dish is only $17, I purchased to use for next year obvi . . . such a good find!
I am in love with the shoelace charms!

Kendra Scott Elton Statement Bracelet  Happy Pendant Diamond Bezel Necklace Tory Burch Mixed Charm Necklace  I Love You Bezel-Diamond Pendant NecklaceKendra Scott Arleen Pendant
 Fallon Monarch Crystal Sneaker Charms for Laces   Anna Coroneo Mini Square Silk Twill Messenger Birds Scarf Fenty Puma by Rihanna Woolen Baseball Cap with Crest MICHAEL Michael Kors Keaton Star-Studded Leather Slip-On Sneaker
Kate Spade Burgess Court Yury Glittery Pouch
Champagne Flutes
Turkey Dip Dish and spreader

Spring Gift Guide Spring Gift Guide Spring Gift Guide Spring Gift Guide Spring Gift Guide Image Map

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's the Great Eye Ball, Niko Man

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!
I love Charlie Brown and my sister calls my little man Niko Man, hence the title. 
I decided that I wanted to make cake pops for Niko's class, OMG! So I made them. I've made cake pops before but I never really cared what they looked like a whole lot because they were mostly covered in sprinkles.  This time I decided to make creepy eyeballs.  So . . . TA DAAAAAH.  I was able to make about 13 "ok" ones but though not perfect I am still happy with how they turned out as I am not a professional baker at all.  I've decided to show you pictures of behind the scene.  No one shows you the behind the scene pics, lol.
I hope the kids like them, they were yummy.  I ate one of the ruined ones, whoops.  Whenever I make the cake pops I kind of just wing it, so I bake a box cake, cool it, crumble it and add 1/4 of a jar of frosting, mix it, squish it and mold it.  Dip the lollipop sticks into the melted candy melts and attach to cake pops and let cool, this acts a glue to hold it together.  Dip and decorate.  I have a candy melt pot that I bought at Michaels, even though they are never perfect I make them enough to where I think I need one.  This was my first time using it.  I think I still need to perfect the actual cake ball, the weight and size is important so that they are not too heavy for the stick otherwise they'll fall off . . . see science, math and physics are all important kids! Stay in school!  
Hope everyone has a safe Halloween!
Go 'stros!


Final product

These broke off and fell inside candy melts


My first attempt the night before using a different brand of candy melts um no . . . these DID NOT make the final count.

Clean up


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