Friday, August 19, 2016

Sip and See

Friday, August 19, 2016

I cannot believe our little man is almost 4 months old! Last month we had a sip and see/diaper party where the majority of our friends and family got to meet our little man.  I did not have a baby shower since I had another boy and we used a lot of the same items we used with Niko but we did need diapers so we encouraged everyone to bring diapers and we had a raffle at the end. The winner won a Keurig coffee brewer.  It was so much fun, a lot of work but fun!

My dad made Barbacoa and V made some greek potatoes and greek spanakopita. We had Mexican and Greek food because our little man is a Greekxican. Get it?! Lol. We had lots of beverages including Texas sweet tea and lemonade and a margarita machine. I even had a "Big Man" station with cigars and old fashioneds.

Everyone had a good time and our little men were so well behaved. We are very proud of them! Thank you to all for sharing such a special occasion with us. 

Bel's bakes. Little man cookie theme. 
Cake from HEB. White cake with Parisian filling.
Cupcakes from HEB. 
Cake and cupcake toppers purchased through amazon.
Mustache balloons from amazon 
Margarita machine from Miss Tequila Margarita, they were awesome!
The printables were free from Printabelle
Kerrigan machine from Bloomies. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Month

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I cannot believe it's been one month since our little boy was born.  These pics were taken a day before he was born on our last date night before baby.  Happy monthaversary baby Liam! We love you!

On our last pregnant date night we went to The Rouxpour.  It was pretty good.  William ordered crab cakes.  They were not on the menu but they were able to accommodate his order and he was very happy.  I had the oysters and wedge salad.  Yummy!  My contractions had started during lunch, but I wasn't sure yet but by dinner I knew.   I had three while having dinner and by 3:30 AM I was having one every 5 minutes.  AHH!

I miss my belly sometimes.  I'm like one of those crazy women who would probably have like 10 kids just because she loves being pregnant.  I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens!!


Outfit deets below . . .

Dress similar here, sandals similar here

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#currentsituation . . .

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm having lunch as I am writing this and I seriously cannot tell if I'm having a contraction or if it's just gas. Yes, this is my second baby, how can I not know what a contraction feels like? We'll let me tell you it feels like you're cramping and you have to poo all at once. It's like the worst menstrual cramping of your life.  I googled it for you guys in case you don't believe me (see image below). 

So we are ready to welcome our baby.  I am 37 weeks so I am full term.  Dr says baby may be here next week.  We are so excited to give baby Niko a sibling!  The baby will be in our room and Niko will get his own room.  We have been working on Niko's room the last two weeks.  So far no bueno.  I ordered a toddler bed and Niko slept in it a total of 3 hours one night, he usually sleeps through the night in his huge joovy 2 play plen so we went to ikea and purchased a full sized bed.  Daddy has to paint it now and I have to order a mattress.  AHHH! So I guess we still have some stuff to figure out.  We don't want Niko in room with new baby.  Niko is a perfect little sleeper and we don't want to disrupt his sleep. 

My bag is packed but I decided I needed a new diaper bag so I ordered one but didn't like it so I sent it back and ordered a new one.  Also, I am not sure I love the shoes I bought to leave the hospital in so maybe new shoes? I still need to get nails done.  Bikini wax and eyebrow wax are done.  William says I need not worry about his bag so I won't. 

Ahh! That's all I got for now.  V and I are going to the movies tonight . . . I think.  We are going to watch Batman V superman or whatever.  I know we are super late but better late than never!


MZ Wallace Kate diaper bag, I'll let you know if I like.

Orbelle toddler bed, super cute bit not for us.
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