Friday, October 17, 2014


Five years ago I married . . . a man.  I can't say I married my best friend because I have a best friend and we aren't married.  I married my soul mate? Hmmm, honestly I don't think I can label my husband as a soul mate or a best friend or anything.  He went from being a complete stranger to being my boyfriend to being my fiance to being my husband all in a matter of 3 years.  I think with time he's become my best friend,  I can't imagine sharing what he and I share with anyone else.  He makes me laugh, he makes me happy and he most definitely makes me MAD! Mad in love, mad with anger, mad with desire . . . just mad.  I know this sounds corny but it's hard to imagine anyone else being as happy as I am with him.  Is that bad? I guess everyone thinks that when they're with their special someone.   We do fight a lot . . . mostly over the GPS.  He is so stubborn!  I hate how stubborn he is  . . . yet I love how passionate he is.  The last five years have truly been a blessing.  My friends say he deserves a medal for dealing with my shenanigans and that is true.  I must agree.  I've grown up a lot during this marriage and I have to thank him for putting up with me when a lot of men probably wouldn't.  He makes me want to be better all the time.  I am very grateful to have him in my life and I am very grateful for the great dad that he is.  Our baby Niko has a great role model and I can't wait for more babies and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

I love you baby . . . every time you miss me just press the bear . . . .


October 17, 2009 . . . and they never looked back (at least 5 years later they haven't looked back . . . lol)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Love is in the air

So many lovely weddings! Weddings are my favorite thing in the world.  Everyone is so happy and in love and if it's a Mexican wedding it will be super fun!

Last weekend finished up my last round of summer weddings.  All of them were beautiful and exciting and very different.  It's always exciting to see everyone's style!  Last weekend my friend, J was married.  I've known her since first grade! The weekend prior I was matron of honer at GG's wedding, we've been friends since freshmen year in high school.  She let us wear whatever we wanted as long as we wore gray dresses and yellow shoes.  So much fun! 

Outfit details below . . . 

Tracey Reese DressBCBG Emerson crop blazerJessica Simpson Careyy Sandals
I changed shoes and removed blazer for reception . . . oh and I changed my lipstick
Christian Louboutin Prive sling back, BCBG beaded belt no longer available similar here
Lulus Candied petals dress,  Patrizia Pepe heels no longer available similar here

Friday, September 26, 2014


I love Drake but I hate the YOLO reference.  Hate it . . . . however, I find myself using it when justifying an extravagant purchase.  Really?  Life really is short to not have a fabulous pair of shoes or a handbag.  I saw this and immediately fell in love.  Love I tell you.  I literally get a high from shopping, I am euphoric. I kind of get lured into a fall sense of security like I can do anything with this bag.  The reality is I can't do anything more than put all my stuff in it and look cute, that's really about it. 

So I leave you with the most beautiful bag in the world . . . cue in Prince. 

Pandora Pure Small Nubuck Satchel Bag

I fought the urge to purchase this bag . . . the little voice inside me won.  :(

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fab finds

I constantly find myself perusing the internet for no reason at all and it has become my favorite form of shopping. I can shop at work, at home and even on my phone. It's the best. Lately however my best finds have been live and in the flesh.  Can't wait to share!

First up, this beautiful RED Valentino drop waist dress.  I found this dress at Last Call Neiman Marcus for $77! Found here, not quite $77 but still a good find.
Up next, this structured DVF tote. I've been using it as a diaper tote. It's total perfection and only $49.99 at Marshall's.  Even on ebay this same bag is  $119!  Similar here.
Next up, we have this Romeo and Juliet couture dress that I scored for $16 at Nordstrom Rack.  Similar here.
Let's not forget this Rebecca minkoff travel tote, $35 at Marshall's. I tried searching the web for this bag but it's sold out everywhere! 
I love Helmut Lang especially at $35!  The top is from Intermix at $35 and the pants are from TJ Maxx, $39.  
. . . and last but not least I bring you Stuart Weitzman, one of my favorite shoe designers, $94 at Last Call Studio.  This shoe is currently at Off Fifth but it's $449.  Sorry.  

Designer pieces for a fraction of the price? Yes please!

I think I have really good eye because when I tell people the kind of stuff I buy and the amount I pay they don't believe me.

I'm a baller on a budget!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Niko's Big Fat Greexican Baptism

Last weekend we celebrated Niko's baptism in Northern Virginia and for some reason I thought I had more pictures.  It turns out I don't.  I forgot to hire a photographer.  What's the lesson here? Never skimp out on a photographer.  Just hire one.  

The ceremony was nice, baptismal.  Three sacraments were performed, baptism, communion and confirmation.  The Catholic church performs the same sacraments but at different times.  Niko goes in wearing one outfit then after he is submerged in water he is then changed into his white suit.  It was very nice.  He seemed happy and he looked so handsome! 

For the reception I made the centerpieces and all the decorations.  My hubby's friend owns t'Kila Latin Kitchen and Bar and he catered the event.  The food was delicious.  Next time you happen to be in Northern Virginia make sure you check them out.  My father in law is a chef so he also made a contribution.  It was a Greexican affair after all so the menu included fajitas, pastichio, tyropita and baklava.  The cake was from Castro's bakery in Falls Church.  That cake was da bomb (do people still say that?). DJ Sexy was in charge of the entertainment.  It was such a momentous occasion in the life of our little man and it was followed by such a fun night!

We are very thankful to those who shared this special moment with us. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

It's Niko time!

Tomorrow is Niko's baptism. I'm Mexican American and Catholic and my husband is Greek Orthodox. We decided to baptize Niko in the Greek Orthodox Church because to be Greek Orthodox means you're greek and orthodox (duh, Alma) which means he'll be experiencing a lot of the Greek culture he otherwise would not be exposed to. He's definitely going to be exposed to a lot of Mexicaness (is that a word?) living in Houston.  We have dubbed the event "Niko's big fat greexican baptism". The reception is strictly DIY. I also decorated the baby candle. Here are a few little details. More to come later. 


Friday, August 22, 2014

An American Girl in Nordstrom

Life has been so busy lately. Extremely busy. I don't know how I manage to do half the things I do so it's a surprise that I actually made it to Nordstrom yesterday. About three weeks I found out SJP was coming to  Houston to promote her fall line. The first thing I did was block off my schedule and call my sister. I found an amazing Red Valentino dress for $77 at Last Call Neiman Marcus over the weekend.  Perfect to meet one of my style icons. WWSJPW? (What would Sarah Jessica Parker wear) has been one of my mottos for like ever. That and WWVBW? (What would Victoria Beckham wear). So the day came and I find myself writing this blog as I stand in line waiting to meet her.

I must say I was stressing for a little bit. I should have bought my shoes beforehand but I didn't because I didn't have time! So I get there knowing exactly what shoe I want. Salesman goes to get it. Salesman comes back. Salesman does not have shoes. Salesman leaves. Salesman is looking for shoe. Salesman comes back. No shoe. I pick another shoe. Not available in my size. Salesman continues to look for original shoe. Salesman gets ahold of sales manager. She has shoe. I buy one shoe and stand in line. Other shoe pending my receipt reads. Half an hour later salesman comes with my shoe.  YAY!

It's 4:00 PM and we are anxiously waiting.  There's about 150 people in line I would assume or more I'm not sure. At least 100 in front of me.  Finally she comes down the escalator at about 4:10, it was the best ever.  I literally thought I might cry.  It's 4:56 and I'm at the front of the line.  She was the sweetest ever, I'm not sure what we talked about but I remember telling her I'd just had a baby.  Haha.  All I think about is my baby boy these days.  She's exactly how I thought she would be, very sweet and classy and fabulously dressed.  She signed my shoe and a card and I was so busy talking that I didn't even turn to look at the camera.  After the Benicio del Toro incident I made sure to keep my cool.

It so crazy to think SATC was such a long time ago, it ran from my JR year in high school through my JR year in college so a lot of the women there were moms, I saw at least 4 strollers.

I purchased The Fawn,which I am totally in love with and can't wait to wear! Yesterday was definitely one of my better days.

Such a great day!

RED Valentino dress