Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's the Great Eye Ball, Niko Man

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!
I love Charlie Brown and my sister calls my little man Niko Man, hence the title. 
I decided that I wanted to make cake pops for Niko's class, OMG! So I made them. I've made cake pops before but I never really cared what they looked like a whole lot because they were mostly covered in sprinkles.  This time I decided to make creepy eyeballs.  So . . . TA DAAAAAH.  I was able to make about 13 "ok" ones but though not perfect I am still happy with how they turned out as I am not a professional baker at all.  I've decided to show you pictures of behind the scene.  No one shows you the behind the scene pics, lol.
I hope the kids like them, they were yummy.  I ate one of the ruined ones, whoops.  Whenever I make the cake pops I kind of just wing it, so I bake a box cake, cool it, crumble it and add 1/4 of a jar of frosting, mix it, squish it and mold it.  Dip the lollipop sticks into the melted candy melts and attach to cake pops and let cool, this acts a glue to hold it together.  Dip and decorate.  I have a candy melt pot that I bought at Michaels, even though they are never perfect I make them enough to where I think I need one.  This was my first time using it.  I think I still need to perfect the actual cake ball, the weight and size is important so that they are not too heavy for the stick otherwise they'll fall off . . . see science, math and physics are all important kids! Stay in school!  
Hope everyone has a safe Halloween!
Go 'stros!


Final product

These broke off and fell inside candy melts


My first attempt the night before using a different brand of candy melts um no . . . these DID NOT make the final count.

Clean up


Thursday, October 26, 2017


Thursday, October 26, 2017

I feel like maybe there was a time in my life when I was truly happy.  It's hard to remember that now.  I am happy, I've always been a happy person, but after the death of my mom something inside me was irreparably broken.  Living my reality is hard.  I miss her so much.  My mom was kind and funny and full of life and she's gone and when I really think about it, it makes me really mad.  I don't think I'll ever understand it and I don't think I'll ever get over it.  It's hard to explain how I feel.  I wonder if this is how I will feel for the rest of my life.   Am I sad? Do I just miss her? Can I miss her and not be sad? I can't tell.  Today marks the second anniversary of her death and I am feeling especially vulnerable, but I know that this too shall pass.  Is that what people say to make themselves feel better? I guess that's all I can say to myself.  I'm not sure what else to feel or expect.  Will I ever feel like myself again? Mind you myself is a hot mess to begin with but . . . . don't get me wrong, I am happy and very grateful for the life I live but it's hard to imagine the rest of my life without my mom and yes I know eventually I would have lost her anyway but it's one thing to lose your 90 year old mom vs losing your 53 year old mom who happened to die a very painful death.  I just wasn't ready.  People that I had known who died from cancer died within months of being diagnosed, my mom lived for more than two years and surely I thought: all this suffering wouldn't be in vain right? "God" wouldn't let her go through all this and not save her? I wasn't ready.  So just give me today, one day, to just mope around and be sad . . . and I just have to remind myself that this too shall pass, right?

My friend Moni said I should write about my feelings and it truly does make me feel better, it's like I am releasing the longest breath of air after holding my breath for a long time . . .

P.S. Don't cry for me Argentina, I'm fine and tomorrow is a new day . . .



I love you mami, always and forever . . . .

Monday, August 14, 2017

cake, cake, cake

Monday, August 14, 2017

I spent my Sunday afternoon baking a cake and eating it too . . . actually, I just decorated a cake.  It was so much fun . . . but work.
My friend Monica invited me to a cake decorating class yesterday and I am so happy I went! We made an ice cream drip cake.  I am definitely not a pro but I learned some techniques and I am excited to put them to good use. The cakes were already baked for us, I picked vanilla and it was so delicious. Renee Main was our instructor and she was amazing and so patient.   I look forward to attending more classes and learning new techniques.  I found it extremely relaxing, now I understand why some people love to bake.  Maybe I'll start baking as a stress reliever.  I probably won't make any money off my cake decorating skills but I'll be sure to use them for our family parties.  Ok, that's it for now . . . I hope to not leave my blog so neglected but it's so hard with two little men running around!
til next time . . .

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