Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm having lunch as I am writing this and I seriously cannot tell if I'm having a contraction or if it's just gas. Yes, this is my second baby, how can I not know what a contraction feels like? We'll let me tell you it feels like you're cramping and you have to poo all at once. It's like the worst menstrual cramping of your life.  I googled it for you guys in case you don't believe me (see image below). 

So we are ready to welcome our baby.  I am 37 weeks so I am full term.  Dr says baby may be here next week.  We are so excited to give baby Niko a sibling!  The baby will be in our room and Niko will get his own room.  We have been working on Niko's room the last two weeks.  So far no bueno.  I ordered a toddler bed and Niko slept in it a total of 3 hours one night, he usually sleeps through the night in his huge joovy 2 play plen so we went to ikea and purchased a full sized bed.  Daddy has to paint it now and I have to order a mattress.  AHHH! So I guess we still have some stuff to figure out.  We don't want Niko in room with new baby.  Niko is a perfect little sleeper and we don't want to disrupt his sleep. 

My bag is packed but I decided I needed a new diaper bag so I ordered one but didn't like it so I sent it back and ordered a new one.  Also, I am not sure I love the shoes I bought to leave the hospital in so maybe new shoes? I still need to get nails done.  Bikini wax and eyebrow wax are done.  William says I need not worry about his bag so I won't. 

Ahh! That's all I got for now.  V and I are going to the movies tonight . . . I think.  We are going to watch Batman V superman or whatever.  I know we are super late but better late than never!


MZ Wallace Kate diaper bag, I'll let you know if I like.

Orbelle toddler bed, super cute bit not for us.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My modern family

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I loooove Modern Family.  I like watching the reruns and marathons on USA.  I've recently discovered that I am a lot like Claire.  NOOOOOOO!!! My hubby has some Phil like qualities but not so much, he's way cooler and not as oblivious.  I'm competitive, a bit uptight and some may even say I can be quite narcissistic.  Qualities that I am not proud of . . . qualities that Claire has.  NOOOOO!! I used to be carefree and laid back, I'm not sure when I started becoming so type A.  So there you have it, judge me as you will. 

I find that in my community and by "my" I mean the Hispanic community, I am constantly being judged for working so much.  My hubby teleworks so he spends the majority of his time at home with our toddler and I work 7 days a week.  I have a business but if I don't see patients that day, guess what? I don't have money so I do relief work 2 or 3 days out of the week.  For some reason people think that is really weird.  Why is it weird? because I am a woman? because society views a man working out of the house to support his family the norm? so when a woman does it, it's not right? Is that what it is? I don't understand.  I still come home and cook.  I still come home and take care of my baby and my hubby on some days our son comes to work with me in the office.  I don't understand all the judgment.  Since I am pregnant with my second I have decided to alter my schedule a bit and I also decided to stop working on Sundays.  My last day is May 1.  I have to be able to balance two kids, a home and work, which I plan to do magnificently by the way.  Recently, I had a Sunday patient tell me that I should be at home and not working on a Sunday, ok well maybe you should stop coming in on Sundays.  Right after telling me this he decides he wants me to see his entire family.  That same day.  So you didn't mean what you said about me working on Sundays then? Is that it?  Women say to me: I could never do that to my family.  Do what? Provide for them? Sacrifice for them? I don't understand the double standard.  I really don't.  People say how modern we are because my husband is at home. What does that even mean?! He works from home.  He's not a stay at home dad and even if he was who cares? That's our choice and we are happy and satisfied with our lives.  I think we are lucky that we have flexibility, how many people can bring in their two year old into the office with them? and how many can save money on day care? and I am not dependent on other family members to watch him.  I think it's great!  People need to get it together.    

Rant over . . . drops mic . . . OOTD deets below

 My cutie family . . . Niko says: no paps please.
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tea anyone?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Sunday my sister took me to the St. Regis for tea as my birthday gift. We had a lovely time. Sandwiches, scones, patisseries and tea. What's not to like? A lot of women were dressed up.  There were a few in jeans and some were even wearing hats. We opted for simple dresses and heels. Nothing fancy. We were there from 3-5. We ate and chatted. It was fun! At one point I was sitting there as my sister went to the restroom and I started fantasizing about Drake of course, being at the St. Regis and all.  So here's how my daydreaming went down.  I pictured my sister coming out of the restroom, running into Drake in the hallway and telling him it was my birthday and then Drake coming into the tea room, meeting me, hugging me and then we would end this perfect encounter by taking a selfie.  Well, that didn't happen.  Haha! Later on I realized Drake had been in town and performed at a block party so maybe it just wasn't meant to be otherwise he would have met me and probably fallen in love with me as many do and I'm married, with a son and pregnant.  I couldn't handle a tabloid scandal . . . sigh.  

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