Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you had fun! I spent the day with my family and we cooked dinner.  It was delicious! Rosemary lamb, asparagus and mashed potatoes. Recipe will be up tomorrow. I dusted off last year's Zara pants and wore them today. I thought they were perfect given the occasion. Just a casual look. We celebrate orthodox Easter so I'll dress up then for church. I'm so ready for the spring weather. Are you?

OOTD: A.L.C. gold keyhole top (last season), recent season here.  Zara floral pants, last year similar style found here and here.  Stella McCartney canvas and wood sandals few seasons old but found here for a fraction of the price! Movado watch.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Hello World! Life has been pretty hectic.  Work and work and more work.  I just celebrated my 31st birthday in New Orleans.  It was so much fun.  We were there Friday through Sunday and it was just the right amount of time.  We didn't do much aside from the usual.  Eat, sleep and party.  I'd been there before but only for 24 hours for a friend's wedding.  The food was so good!  If you are ever in New Orleans check out Deanie's, Acme, Cochon and SoBou.  Those were the only places we were able to patronize.  The service was underwhelming at Cochon but the fried alligator more than made up for it.  It was sooo good.  I had never had alligator in my life ever but it was DELICIOUS!  SoBou had a great ambiance.  We were able to walk in without a reservation.  It's a more modern, contemporary space and the food was really good.  I had the SoBou burger because I wasn't super hungry but I tried the french market veal sandwich and the confit of duck leg. Both were AMAZE!  The chargrilled oysters at Acme were good too.  I hate oysters but these were very good but proabably because they were drenched in parmesan.  MMMMMM cheese.  Deanie's had an hour and a half wait and the food was pretty good.  I was so hungry by then I couldn't tell but everyone loved it. 

Bourbon street was a hot mess but so much fun!

The fashion was pretty casual.  Nothing fancy.  Shorts, jeans and overalls.  The gift bags included masquerade masks, beads and shot glasses. 

Iphone pics.  Don't judge me.  Didn't want to lug my big camera around. 

OOTD details: T by Alexander Wang (on sale now) , Rag and Bone leggings in bright white, Emilio Pucci scarf no longer available similar here, Zara black jumper/overalls available in stores now, Topshop crop top, Ash sandals on sale (59!), PJK red top no longer available but similar style found here, black shorts purchased at Marshalls

Friday, March 8, 2013


Friday, March 8, 2013

For years now I've been a fan of Carrie Bradshaw.  She's a bit selfish and not a very good friend at times but she has a great sense of style.  Recently I've been watching the Carrie Diaries. Yes, I am 30 years old but being the huge SATC fan that I am I've been watching the show religiously On Demand.  There are two major things that really bother me about the show.  First, according to the Carrie Diaries, Carrie's mom passed away from cancer and she is being raised by her dad, but if you've watched every single episode of SATC at least 10x like I have you know that Carrie grew up with her mom because her dad left them when she was a little girl and second, Carrie Bradshaw is NOT from Connecticut.  She's from the Midwest.  Charlotte is from Connecticut, Miranda is from Philadelphia and Samantha and Carrie are from the Midwest.  Why would they change her history? It makes no sense to me!  Argh.  That was my rant for the day.

The Carrie Diaries starts off in 1984 and Carrie Bradshaw is 16.  The show's fashion isn't trendy 80s.  It's subtle touches.  Brights here and there, brooches and plastic earrings.  Mouse looks like she's wearing modern day L.L. Bean half the time.  The one with the most eccentric fashion on the show is Carrie's friend/boss Larissa.  I love the bright colors and the hats and the lipsticks.  

This weekend I am going to an 80s themed bachelorette.  The last 80s party I dressed up for was 7 years ago.  Time to brain storm.  I've been scouring the net for inspiration.  Here's my inspiration board.  What do you think?

Off the shoulder floral drss (Etsy)
Bright colored jumpsuit (Etsy)
Plastic charm necklace (Etsy)
80s windbreaker (Etsy)

80s vintage dress FLORAL DRESS / romantic dress / off shoulder dress w/ sweetheart neckline & shawl collar S / M Salmon Pink 80's Vintage Jumpsuit / Wrap Deep V Bodice / Straight Leg Pants80s Blue Plastic Charm Necklace with Charms and  Bells 80s Vintage Old School Windbreaker    

I'll see what I come up with! Stay tuned!

Missing in Action

Sorry I've been MIA everyone! I just opened a practice in Houston! That's been one of my lifetime professional goals.  It was part of my 5 year plan and I am so happy it's come true.  Now I have to work my little butt off.  I'm so tired.  I'll start posting more regularly now.  Stay tuned for 80s post tomorrow!

Good Night. 
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