Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's funny how a smell, a place or even a song can illicit the most painful nostalgia.  How does one forget?  My memory has always been my strong point.  I can hear something once and remember it forever.  That's a blessing and a curse.  As I've gotten older I've learned to categorize my memories and most don't resurface unless probed.  I ignore for the most part in order to avoid resentment but I can never forget how someone has made me feel.  Most memories work that way I suppose.  They're emotional. 

I was thinking about that today when I heard T.I's Memories Back Then on the radio.  It's super explicit but I can't get the hook out of my head! 

When the lights go out and I'm in my bed
I think of all the madness in my head
All of the things I did back then
When I'm in my bed
I think of all the memories I've had
All of the things I did back then

I hear that and I think to myself: That sounds painful.  Can you imagine "reminiscing" every single time you go to bed? Oh no.  I could never.  There are some things that are better left un-thought of.  Is that a word?  Seriously, I get shivers just thinking about some of the things from my past.  I'm still trying to forget things that happened a month ago.  Nothing that brings me shame mostly just embarrassment.  And then I wonder if they remember.  Ugh.  Forget it, no thank you.  Nothing crazy but just immature things or stupid things.  Just thinking about guys that I was interested in 10 years ago that were so cool but now look like they're 48, gives me the shivers.  My friend and I ran into two old flames at a club a few months ago and these men looked like they were hitting 40.  I am so glad I got better looking after college.  So glad! I'm glad I've experienced all that I've experienced because it only makes me the super great person I am today so I'm ok with that.  I hope to continue to change and evolve every day and hopefully one day when I look back I'll have less things to shiver at.

If you're offended by explicit rap lyrics or offended by hip hop in general do not watch this video.  That's my full disclosure.  Thanks!

I really like B.o.B.  I think "Nothin on you" and "Airplanes" gave me the wrong impression.  I thought he was a lot more pop-y.  I love you Kendrick!

Memories Back Then

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