Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pura Vida

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Last weekend we took a trip Costa Rica for a friend's bachelorette.  It was a short trip but a lot of fun.

We went ATVing which is a big departure for me.  I am not big on the outdoors like at all. I am not that adventurous.  My idea of adventure is looking for parking at the Galleria on a Saturday afternoon.  You want to make it extra adventurous? Go the week before Christmas.  Needless to say after some careful consideration I decided to partake in the activity as everyone else was doing it.  So . . ..  I couldn't do it.  The look on my face must have been enough as one of the guides told me I could ride with one of them.  I assured him I was fine but as I made my way onto the road I realized hey, I am not too sure about this and I have two kids at home and I just don't really want to die today.  It sounds dramatic I know but I am so happy I didn't do it.  The route included busy streets and going up a mountain.  No thanks.  The other ladies did it and I was so proud of them but I didn't need anymore accolades on my resume.  I'm going to be alright if I am not an expert ATVer.  Despite not riding on my own the tour was a lot of fun.  It was still a bit stressful but not as much as if I would have been driving.  We stopped for lunch and it was delicious and then we went to a waterfall.  It was a good day.  Our guides Johnny and Ramiro from AXR Jaco were really good, it was a good time.

We celebrated by relaxing, being adventurous and going out.  We stayed at the Crocs Resort and Casino.  It was nice and new.  The spa is cool, I had a relaxing massage.  The hotel breakfast was so good and it was included with our stay and it wasn't a continental breakfast, it was a full blown breakfast.  Costa Rica was pretty chill and I actually really enjoyed my time there.  I usually don't like being outdoors as much but the weather was so nice and the locals were very attentive.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Those crocs were no joke though.  We stopped by the crocodile bridge over Rio Tarcoles on our way to Jaco.  I was scared.

Ok, that's it.

'til we meet again Costa Rica.


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