Thursday, February 25, 2016

Current situation

Thursday, February 25, 2016

AHHH! SO yesterday I freaked out because the baby was not moving as much but I remembered what the nurse told me, drink a glass of cold water and lay on your side and the baby should kick at least 6 times within an hour. So I did just that and he was fine.  Yay.  I worry so much about stuff it's crazy.  On the other hand I look super cute. Everyone tells me so and I believe them. I got in trouble at my obgyn's last week. My doctor thinks I had shigella due to undercooked meat. I then told her I had whataburger the week before and she kinda looked me and said that there was no quality control and I shouldn't be eating there. Which is true. I shouldn't and for two whole years I hated whataburger but recently I had it again and looked what happens. So I won't be eating there again. I'm not a big fast food person either. I don't know why I ate there. Whataburger has betrayed me. 

Other things I'm dealing with at the moment include my almost two year old toddler Divo who won't leave the bottle. We've tried all sort of sippy cups but he won't stick to it. Also he only drinks warm milk. So it has to be warmed up every time. He won't drink cold milk. We've tried. He also refuses to brush his teeth. I try to and he won't let me. He kind of mimicks us when we brush but once we give him his toothbrush he won't do it.  Also both his visits to the dentist have been pointless as he mostly cries and during his last visit he threw up. 

What else? Oh yeah the Neiman Marcus children's department is closed until Sept for remodeling. I can shop online they said. Whaaaaaa? So I'm supposed to buy Niko's over priced designer clothing from your website? I can do that on any website. Thanks a lot Neiman's.  Saks children's department is much nicer anyway. 

And lastly our house is half ass furnished. Did you know that furniture is expensive? Like really expensive. I was mad at Restoration Hardware a few weeks ago but they delivered our new table and it's beautiful so I'm not mad anymore. I have found that websites like Wayfair, overstock  and joss and main have really good stuff and not that pricey. Our bed is from wayfair and we only paid a third of what it costs at Neimans.  I love it. 

Also I'm busy planning Niko's upcoming birthday party. It's going to be super cute. Either that or it's going to be one of those Pinterest fails. All I hope for is no rain on that day but if it rains we have a back up, we'll move all our furniture, all 8 pieces of it and have it downstairs.  Win Win.

All in all my world is ok. I feel good with this pregnancy. Sad because of my mom still. I don't think I'll ever completely get over that but overall I'm thankful and happy for my family and friends. V is a big support and I still can't believe that he stays home with our rambunctious almost two year old toddler Divo. I also thank my sister for watching him. I'm so thankful for my support system.

Ahh! Enough rants for now . ..

Oh, I cut my hair and it looks super cute!

Pics below were taken with my iphone so not the best quality . . . sorry


Short hair . . hair styled by Niki at Hair Revolution

Love these chairs from Home Goods

For a new home it's been a lot of work

Current centerpieces I am eyeing on Pinterest for Niko's party

Our dining room chandelier . . . purchased at Lowe's

Niko's playroom
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