Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I've been sick for the last two weeks! Ahh.  Three doctor's appointments later and I have been officially diagnosed with exhaustion.  Yup, that's right I've reached celebrity status.  Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized for exhaustion while filming Herbie Fully loaded and when she got out of the hospital she'd lost like 30 lbs!  I just have to rest and de-stress.  I still have day to day responsibilities though so it's kind of hard to take a break.  V and I are house hunting.  That's not too bad.  Kind of fun.  This weekend we checked out the Sugarland area and though nice too far from my office and my parent's house.  After living in the DMV for 5 years and commuting an hour for a 20 mile drive I have decided that I never want to do that again.  Ever.  

While house hunting I decided to embrace the paisley trend and wear a casual OOTD.  Zara trousers (currently on sale), Tory Burch flats: no longer available similar style found here, white top from boutique in Midtown and my most favorite bag at the moment, Rebecca Minkoff's Logan backpack.  I was developing shoulder and back pain from carrying my super heavy Gucci tote so my backpack provides great support and it also turns into a satchel.  I love it!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Monday, July 8, 2013

J. Lo

Monday, July 8, 2013
This weekend I'm attending a J. Lo inspired birthday party. A dear friend of mine turns 30. Oh, to be young again. I'm 31 but feel 38. My body dramatically changed after 31. DRAMATICALLY. I have cellulite now that I can't get rid of and I have 18 gray hairs. The night before my 31st I only had 3. 3!

Anyway. Here's a J. Lo inspired board. I'm not sure if I want to replicate a J. Lo look or just wear something she would wear. It has to be something bold . . . or demure, a head turner. I have 5 days to squat it out and get my behind in tip top J. Lo shape or I might just wear some padding. I prefer the latter.

What do you think?

J. Lo inspired wardrobe

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