Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello DIY

Monday, June 3, 2013

This DIY was inspired by my friend D, who loves Hello Kitty. My like for Hello Kitty is circumstantial. Every year for the last three years my former boss got me a Hello Kitty cake. Mostly because she loves Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty robe because it's the only one that fit at TJ Maxx and I have a Hello Kitty doll because last year for Christmas I got it for a friend but I have yet to give it to her so instead it's propped up on my nightstand.

So D, wanted to get me this (see pic) to which I responded I can make that . . and holly molly so can you!

All Materials purchased at JoAnn

- white mug or glassware of choice
- black acrylic paint (enamel works better if you want to wash it)
- mod podge to set and seal
- gem tac glue
- brushes
- acrylic rhinestones
- hello kitty pattern

1. Wash mug and let completely dry
2. Coat mug with mod podge and let completely dry
3. Cut out Hello Kitty pattern.
4. Trace it onto the cup with a sharpie.
5. Let dry for about 15 minutes.
6. Use black acrylic paint and paint the Hello Kitty outline.
7. Clean up edges with a tooth pick if needed.
8. Let dry. I let it dry for 3 hours.
9. Apply a coat of mod podge to seal it and add luster
10. Let dry over night
11. Use rhinestone glue to adhere rhinestones as desired. Use tweezers to apply rhinestones.

Super easy! Enjoy your new mug!

Tea anyone?
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