Friday, November 23, 2012

The League

Friday, November 23, 2012
I hope everyone had a great holiday!

I have realized that I have become extremely resentful towards fantasy football.  One, I was not allowed to join V's league this year.  The guys vetoed it.  Probably because they were afraid of my skills.  Two, I've come to the realization that fantasy football promotes trash talking, discrimination and disloyalty.  Those are the makings of a great reality show not football! Three, it takes up V's entire weekend and there's no time left for me.

Disloyalty is my main problem.  If you're going to hate, you're going to hate.  It is what it is but when all of a sudden your opinions change and you're rooting for a team you previously hated because you picked up their defense . . .. ahhh! That's so annoying!  I come from an era of keeping grudges against your rival team.  I spent most of the 90s hating the Utah Jazz.  I'm from Houston.  A Rockets fan.  So now fantasy sports come along and I'm supposed to just put my hatred aside? I can't . . . I just can't.

It's changed the game. I tell ya.  I have to admit it promotes competition which is good for the game.

I really like football and sports in general. Go Texans!

Oh and that Texas win yesterday was legitimate.  The Lions had every chance in the world to redeem themselves and they didn't.  Even though I agree that the rule needs to be changed.  I still don't quite understand it.

Other things I enjoy include reading, blogging, shopping, traveling and working.  What do you like to do?

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My favorite trash talker . . . Ruxin

Riggle's change of heart . . . the first 16 seconds.


  1. Your post is actually very true fantasy football does make you a little disloyal, still it doesn't change the fact you want your own team to win every game (I'm not entirely sure how american fantasy football works being English (original football fan)). Who do you recommend watching? - I may be travelling in parts of the USA next year so I need to see a game if I can

    1. Original football? Is that soccer? lol. I know Americans get a bad rap for calling football soccer. My parents are from Mexico so I'm an original football fan too. I like the Texans. They're 10-1 this season. My husband likes the Redskins. The Packers, Giants, Denver, Chicago . . . those are all good teams. Where will you be traveling to?

    2. Yeah football is soccer not entirely sure how your football got named football though as it's more like rugby. Well I'm flying into Canada for a while and then heading down to the states, New York City's on my list, San Diego might be as well as Vegas, the later two are dependent on my friend coming or not. I don't really know too much about places to visit in the USA so I may have made a trip somewhere to find out what the area's like whilst seeing a American Football match there.


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