Saturday, November 17, 2012


Saturday, November 17, 2012
I love caviar, smoked salmon, salmon, sushi, tilapia, shrimp, all seafood except raw oysters. *shivers*

I'm not going to bore you with my love of fish. Nemo. Why don't we talk about nails instead?

The caviar manicure. I am really digging it. I've been meaning to make my way to sephora to scoop it up but no time!

I was walking through Lord and Taylor on my way to Starbucks and there it was the Ciaté Caviar Manicure. $25. Maybe a little steep but I was dying to try it. Then I saw that it only lasts up to 48 hours so I reconsidered. I went home and instead created this!

Not the same effect but almost. I used glitter that I'd purchased at Michael's for $1, essie's wicked and Sally Hansen's hard as nails clear top cot. Voila!

I'm still going to purchase the kit at some point. Maybe for NYE.

The goal is to achieve the 3D, feminine effect that the caviar mani would give you without spending a fortune. What do you think?

I used an old concealer brush to apply the glitter or you can just sprinkle the glitter on top.  I think the latter works best.

Here's a link to Ciate.

Step 1. Apply nail polish.
Step 2. Apply glitter with small brush while nail polish is still wet.
Step 3. Apply top coat
Step 4. Let air dry
Step 5. Wash excess glitter off.
Step 6. Repeat steps 1-4 to receive desired effect.

Sorry, I should have cleaned the edges and applied lotion but I got so excited.  I couldn't wait to share!!!

And now the pics . . .

What do you think?

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