Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Wednesday, November 14, 2012
I'm leaving the DMV, not the Department of Motor Vehicles. I'm leaving the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. Collectively known as the DMV. The hubster and I are moving to Houston, TX. My birthplace. A palm reader recently told me I was going to die in my birthplace even though I wasn't supposed to. Ahhh! That's not why we are moving. We decided to move a year ago and the date is right around the corner.

I'm looking forward to moving back home for several reasons. To be close to my family, start a family and start a practice. Those are all great reasons but I'm especially looking forward to resuming my celebrity status. That's right. I used to be a small time celebrity back in the day circa 2003-2004.

For my 18th birthday all I wanted was to go to a club but my dad didn't allow it. He didn't let me go to "the club" for the same reason he didn't let me work at wings and more with my friend GG. He said that men would hit on me, I would get pregnant and drop out of school. Finally when I had enough courage to ask my dad for permission to go out on Friday nights I could only go to the movies, a party, a wedding, bowling or a quinceaƱera. I had to be home by 2 AM.

When I was 21 and 2 semesters from graduating my parents seemed to loosen up a bit. My friend PGL and I would hit up party on the plaza on Tuesdays, R&R Thursdays, Spy Fridays and M bar Saturdays. We would go to other places too of course. ODPhi parties were our fave! If there was something happening PGL and I were there. Trust.

I left Houston when I was 22 to pursue my dreams. I moved to Philadelphia for grad school.

It was a few months before I went home again and one day I received a call from PGL who was on her way to her Mexican American studies class. I never took that class because I'm Mexican American and I pride myself in knowing everything about my culture. I know both Cesar Chavez, the civil rights activist and the boxer (Julio).  Anyway, she was on her way to class and she was stopped by a random girl who asked her one simple question: where's your little friend?  She was asking about me!!! Apparently she was used to seeing us out and she hadn't seen us in a while and she missed us. Celebrity.  One fan.

I'm 30 years old now so running the club circuit doesn't seem like something I want to do so instead I've decided I'm going to do more philanthropic work, go to the ballet, go to charity galas and fashion shows at Tootsies. Maybe become a chair of sorts. I shall do all of this and stay a wife, become a mom and maintain a thriving practice. God Willing.

Wish us luck!

And now the pics . . . that I took from the web.

Here are other celebrities that hail from Houston, TX.

Alexis Bledel whose dad was born in Argentina and whose mom was raised in Mexico.  

Jackson Hurst from Drop Dead Diva
The late Patrick Swayze
Hilary Duff
Renee Zellweger
Michael Strahan
Beyonce Knowles
Jim Parsons who graduated from UH like me
Jennifer Garner
Dennis Quaid

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