Thursday, September 27, 2012


Thursday, September 27, 2012
Did you know that if Barbie was a real woman she would not be able to physically stand up because of her proportions? She'd have to crawl on all fours in order to move. I remember reading this on BBC News on Barbie's 50th birthday.  Why is it that the allure of a small waist drive women crazy? I think I've currently become obsessed with peplum for that reason. Not because it's particularly flattering on me because it's not. I don't think it makes me look hot or anything but cute will suffice.  You know what I think? I think Peplum is the fashion industry's way of making us eat less!! How you ask? Every single one of my peplum tops cinches my waist so tightly that I literally cannot eat more than 50% of my food. Who knew? Not only does it serve as one of the season's trendiest pieces (just check out the Bergdorf website) but also doubles as an appetite suppressant. Add that to the list: caffeine, almonds, ginger and peplum.

And now the pics . . . Peplum over the summer oh and Barbie . . .


 I swiped this pic from the BBC News website.  I don't own it.


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