Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stunts, Sandy, Reality

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
In preparation for hurricane Sandy we decided to spend the weekend in Pittsburgh visiting friends and Bruce Springsteen.  It was my first time at a Springsteen show and it was amazing! Four hours long.
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 
It was such a fun weekend, even though things did get a little awkward when our friend tried to play a very personal, very private tape (sex) to a complete stranger.  I think my friend, the gender shall remain anonymous, suffers from either too much confidence, a need for constant attention or a lack of self awareness. Perhaps all three but I sometimes suffer from the need of constant attention and the worst I've ever done is take mirror pictures and post them on instagram.  I will now refer you to urban dictionary for the definition of stuntin, specifically the last entry.  Make of it what you will.

Cathedral of Learning. University of Pittsburgh. 
It turns out that we did not prepare for Sandy at all and yesterday we were lucky enough to find flashlights at the dollar store (that burnt out after 5 hours). It appears that Frankenstorm came and went and I hope that everyone was able to stay safe. We lost power for 7 hours but thankfully no flooding or any damage to our family and friends in the area.

Dealing with the aftermath (no work) I discovered a new show this morning on Bravo, Million dollar decorator, and the only thing I could take away from this show is that they're very judgmental. It's starting it's second season, so I guess it's not new but it's new to me.  I've only watched one full episode so maybe I'll give it another chance. Where did all these reality shows come from and all on Bravo? So I guess they're trying to compete with E!, the food network and HGTv. What? The food network and HGTv have legitimate shows! Let's make sure their ratings don't go down. Oh, on another reality show note. Did anyone know that the TV Guide network plays their own reality show? The Shores. It's a Hills knock off. I couldn't bare to watch it for more than 15 minutes. The plot seemed juicy with affairs and what not and it takes place in Cape Town, South Africa. As I'm reading this I realize I may start watching it. The "acting" was pretty bad but maybe it deserves a second chance.  After all, don't we all?

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