Friday, October 5, 2012

To vegan or not to vegan . . .

Friday, October 5, 2012
In the past I've toiled with the idea of deleting meat entirely from my diet but I love it so much so it makes it really hard.  Today for lunch V and I wandered over to Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant. The Loving Hut in our area serves Vietnamese vegan food but it is my understanding that each location has a unique menu.  I've never had an entire vegan meal but I must say today's was delicious! I didn't miss the meat or dairy at all. I'm really excited about this. I probably won't convert to veganism but I'll definitely give the vegan products at Trader Joe's a chance. I had the vermicelli and V had the spicy shrimp. I always feel sluggish or tired after a heavy lunch but today I felt so good! I didn't feel bloated and I was full but not stuffed. Perfect combo.

The difference between a Vegan and a Vegetarian is that a Vegan avoids any animal by product including dairy and sometimes honey and even avoids wearing any leather or anything made from an animal.  Even wool or silk.  Think Natalie Portman.  Vegetarians usually just avoid meat but they tend to consume dairy products.  I also learned that Vegans have to take B12 (found in meat) supplements.  Of course I'm not an expert on the subject and it's a lot more involved I'm sure.

Loving Hut has many locations throughout the US, mostly California but also in Houston, Glendale, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle and many more.  If you are vegan or just want to try it check it out.  It's delish!

Next on my vegan list: Vegan leather pants! Can't wait!

And now the pics . . . Yummy!

Spicy Cha Cha

Golden Vermicelli 

Famous Vegans: Gandhi, Joaquin Phoenix,  Lea Michelle, Toby McGuire

Golden Nuggets: taste just like chicken!

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