Thursday, January 12, 2012

Batty Lashes

Thursday, January 12, 2012
People ask me all the time: How do you get your lashes so long and beautiful?  I would like to reply by saying: I use Latisse, but that would be a lie.  I am so noncommital I didn't use it for more than 7 days but I hear it's awesome.  Instead I stick to the antiquated way of getting beautiful lashes: mascara.  I have a friend who uses Maybeline Great Lash which retails for about $4 at Target and it works wonders.  On me however not so much.  After years of not really wearing make up I finally figured out that "hey mascara makes a huge difference".  So I finally found the perfect combination.  Yes, combination.  I start off with one coat BADgal lash mascara from Benefit ($19 at Sephora) and then top it off with one coat of Dior Show Extase ($28 at Sephora).  A little pricey I know but that's the cost of beauty I suppose.  My dad always said I had expensive taste I guess that applies to my lashes too.  Chanel Inimitable also works well and I need about 2 coats of it but my favorite is Dior Show Extase.  I can wear just one coat and be good but the combination I stated above is the best! Prior to figuring this out I used whatever samples I was given at the department stores.  That's what I did on weekends go to the make up counters and get free samples of marcara! lol.  

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