Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Tuesday, January 31, 2012
AHHH! It's been 31 days since I've shopped.  Yup, 31.  So I wanted to share my progress.  I just finished looking at my credit card statement.  During the month of December I spent $2,270.08.  In January I spent  . . . . tun tun tun . . . . Five hundred thirty five dollars and ninety cents.  I figured it would be more dramatic if I wrote it out.  Out of those $535.90, $235.73 were spent on gas!!!! YAY! $135 I spent on a month's supply of shakeology the rest I spent on lunch and the ABC store (once).  I have cut down on spending by packing a lunch and hubby and I did not go out to dinner once this month.  It was part of our hibernating January.  We decided that we would not go out and spend any unnecessary money.  Also, since we haven't been going out I have decreased my alcohol intake and I've lost 7 lbs since Christmas! YAY!  This is going to be a good year! :)  This month I also paid all balances on my department store credit cards.  I feel so accomplished and more financially in charge!! Let's see how well I do in February, only 29 days.  :0 My wallet is usually full of receipts, not anymore.

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