Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Separate Assets, Separate lives?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Is it really fair to join all your assets once you get married?  Two become one, does that include bank accounts?  I acquired a significant debt while in grad school.  My husband worked three jobs to pay for his college tuition, why would I hold him accountable for my six figure school loan?   I want to drive a Mercedes, I pay for it.  Friends are always surprised to find that we have separate bank accounts, someone even referred to us as glorified roommates.  That's because we split all our bills.  We each cover our own expenses and anything we do together we divide evenly.  My husband keeps a spread sheet of all our expenses.  Every first of the month I give him what I owe.  I know it sounds strange, but it works. Even with my shopping problem we each have savings and we don't have any credit card debt.  That's because we hold each other accountable.  Do not buy anything if you can't afford it.  He's a lot riskier with his investments, I'm a bit more conservative.  Of course he tends to be a lot more conservative with his spending habits than me, but I think that's why he can afford to buy me awesome gifts!  When the children  come some things may have to change, but for now why should I have to give up my financial freedom?  Maybe once we have children we'll split them.  He'll cover the expenses for one and I'll cover the expenses for the other.  If we have a third we'll split it down the middle.

String Quartet at our wedding, it was beautiful.  

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