Sunday, February 12, 2012


Sunday, February 12, 2012
V and I were supposed to shop for our niece's birthday party today.  V had to work last minute so I was left on my own.  Could I survive this trip to the mall?  I was going to make my way to the Nordstrom's kids department, but I decided to go to TJ Maxx, they usually have a lot of good finds.  My plan was to pick up a cute outfit and a toy and walk out.  I walk into the store and I am welcomed with a display of Celine and YSL handbags, Kate Spade pumps, Prada sandals, Miu Miu peep toes, and Giuseppe Zanotti heels.   What to do? My heart beating rapidly, palms sweaty and butterflies in my stomach I immersed into the feeling.  Love.  I admired every shoe and handbag, paid precise attention to every stitch and admired each piece.  How was I to restrain myself from such beauty? Could I really pass this test?  Prada sandals for $399 and the most beautiful Celine handbag for $1,100?  Finally I had to snap myself back to reality.  All I kept thinking was Paris . . . Paris.  In a few months I will be in Paris and find myself in The Marais and the Avenue Montaigne and Avenue des Champs-Elysees.  The color returned to my face and I could feel myself breathing normally. I bought my niece's gifts and I was on my way.  Crisis averted.  Oh my, the trials and tribulations of a shopaholic.

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