Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Extreme Couponing for Couture

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
I know the actual definition of Couture and I know that shopping at Bloomingdale's is not classified as Haute Couture but the title suits the purpose of my story.

I buy everything on sale.  Almost everything, Chanel doesn't go on sale.   My friend GG came to visit over the summer and we went to Bloomingdale's during their Big Brown Bag Sale.  They had a Burberry bag on sale for $700 then it was an additional 20% off and I had about $200 worth of rewards saved up so if I would have purchased this bag I would have spent $360, so when my friend GG saw this she came up with that expression. Now, I did not have coupons, I had rewards certificates.  Which means you have to spend money to get them but you don't have to have rewards certificates to take advantage of the awesome sales.  What I usually do is I save my rewards points and use them when I really, really want something.  You have to be careful though because they expire, but usually they expire 6 months after they've been issued.  I usually wait for the good sales.  The sales associates will usually add you to their address book so they'll call you when they have a sale, that way you don't have to be on the look out all of the time.  Bloomingdale's has a charity event twice a year and during this event everything is 20% off including fine jewelry and their designer watches ie: TAG Heuer. Also for one day they will have David Yurman for 20% off.  In the past they did 20% off any amount but now for David Yurman you have to spend a minimum of $500.  The charity events usually fall in August and February. Once it was in October but they usually send out a mailing ahead of time or you'll get a call.  This is the only time when Tory Burch is included in the sale.  Tory Burch hardly ever goes on sale.  Other noteworthy Bloomie's Sales are the Designer Sale, Friends and Family and The Big Brown Bag Sale.  In October you can donate $15 which goes towards breast cancer research.  Once you've made the donation they'll keep track of your charges on your Bloomies card for the entire month and depending on how much you spend you'll receive a "Give Pink" gift card at the end of the month.  This year I only received $50 but last year I received $200.  Even if you don't have any rewards to redeem, if you are saving up for something nice or special I would say the Charity event would be the best time to get it.

I also do a lot of shopping at Nordstrom but I'm only a fan of their Anniversary Sale which is held in July.  This past summer I purchased my husband a pair of Ferragamo's, originally  $450, for only $220. I used some of my rewards but regardless they were 40% off..

Saks is famous for their after Christmas sale.  I never make it since it begins at 8AM.  It only lasts 4 hours and the majority of the items are 60% off.  Saks Friends and Family Sale is also good and usually occurs in October and I think in April.

Neiman's will have their big sales in November and June and they last a few weeks.  I purchased a pair of Christian Louboutin heels last December for $300! Gucci has two sales a year, one in June and one in November.

I can't list all the sales because that would take too much time instead I'll update you as soon as I find out!! A general rule of thumb: If it's the end of the season, good chance is they have a sale.  In September I bought 3 Karen Millen dresses for $190! Each retailed around $300 but I only paid $190 for all 3!! Also, if you sign up for emails you'll get a 10% code to use on a future purchase, Bloomies, Saks, Juicy Couture and South Moon Under amongst others do it! Also, sometimes they will send you a random code because they miss you!! Whenever I purchase anything online I always make sure I check for coupon codes.  DSW carries Gucci, Prada and Jimmy Choo.  Check DSW's online website.  Anthropologie puts out their sale stuff on Tuesdays! I also love discount stores like Filene's basement, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Loehmann's.  I looove Loehmann's, because I shop there so much I'm a diamond member therefore I get 10% off every purchase every time.  The last time I was at TJ Maxx they had a Lanvin purse for $1300!!! Don't forget about Off 5th (I bought a David Yurman bracelet once for $200), Last Call Neiman Marcus, Barneys outlet and Nordstrom Rack.  I have a coupon code for South Moon under: WELCOME10.  Enjoy.  My next blog will be on my favorite websites! tootles.  For now I'm saving all my rewards since I'm not shopping!

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