Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cash Cow

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Most people refer to investments in terms of real estate, stocks, education, retirement etc. etc. What about emotional investments? Those investments in which our emotions and our sentiments are tied up ie: friendships, relationships, work, tv shows, sports teams etc. etc. In the past I've been guilty of being way too emotionally involved in a series. Can we say Lost?! Season after season I was perplexed by the complexity of these characters and the meaning of the island.  For me the investment was totally worth it.  For six seasons Lost brought so much love, joy and anguish into my life.  I thought about things and questioned things I would not have otherwise done so.  However, I think that most of our emotional investments lie in our relationships.  I try my best at maintaining those relationships that are important to me, but sometimes I feel like the other party involved doesn't reciprocate. In that case is the investment worth it?  Is my investment paying off? If a stock isn't doing well what do we do? We sell it. If there is no reciprocation from your emotional investment whether it be a bad boyfriend or a bad friend the most logical option is to stop investing. So why is it so hard for us to break away from a bad relationship? Think of it in terms of long term longevity. Is this investment (relationship) worth it aka am I happy enough or satisfied with the return to keep investing? As with everything balance is the key. Are you giving enough to be receiving enough?  As I write this I am not sure that it seems fair, but is anything really fair in the game of life?  Relationships are hard and it's hard to think of them in terms of gambles and wages but at the end of the day isn't that what life really is? We wake up hoping for the best, hoping we make the right decisions but at the end of the day is that enough? You have to take charge of your future investments and make sure those feelings and emotions are allocated properly.  If not you have to restructure your portfolio and find your cash cows.  

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