Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pregnant life: to party or not to party

Sunday, December 22, 2013

You smoked crack . . . I'm watching one of my favorite season 1 Girls episode, the one where Shosh smokes crack. It's 1:53 AM and I just got home from the bar a little while ago. I'm drinking chamomile tea, eating cookies and watching Girls. I left my friend's birthday party at Gaslamp. It was fun but I am just overwhelmingly tired by midnight these days. My lower back, butt and legs hurt. Also, let's not forget I'm in my 30s and my energy levels are not those of my 25 yo counterparts.  Actually, while watching this Girls episode I realized that Hannah, Marnie and Jessa don't really want to be at this warehouse party.  So maybe being 25 and 31 isn't that much different . . . .but then I realized that at 25 I was still going buck wild.

When I look back at the ridiculousness that was my 20s I literally cringe. I had a great time obviously but nothing that needs to continue on in my thirties.

So now I'm not only faced with assuming an appropriate social life in my 30s (I have traded in nights at the club for nights at the movies, dinner dates and nights at the theater) but also assuming an appropriate social life while being pregnant.  Will people criticize me for being out without my husband at a bar with my 6 month pregnant belly?! Will people assume I'm drinking because I'm at a bar? After a while I realized I didn't care. I think I still deserve to have fun.  So, the biggest decision I faced last night was: should I wear a black bra or a nude bra with a black sheer blouse? I decided to wear the nude bra since my body is nude colored.  The sheerness of the blouse is magnified with the flash, it's like those red carpet moments when you notice a nip slip after the photo's been taken.  In normal lighting it's not that bad.

If my skin looks extra radiant it's probably a combination of my "maternity glow" aka bronzer and drinking like 100 oz of water a day. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Tootles.

 Hue lacquer leggings, BCBG sheer blouse no longer available but similar here and here. Sam Edelman Mila boots, also here.  Accesories: Aqua statement necklace, similar hereMovado watch.  Roberto Coin bracelet.  Chanel Purse.

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  1. I read the first paragraph, then i realized i was there and my attention span is like 10 seconds. -Jorge Gutierrez.


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