Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Unrequited love

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
What's up with Keira Knightley and ALL her period movies?  Will I ever see her in a normal C rated movie?  Anyway, I love you Keira! One of my favorite Keira Knightley movies has to be Love Actually.  I absolutely love that movie.

My favorite scene:

Unrequited love *sigh*.  A syndrome we all suffer from at one point in life.  I remember spending a great deal of my 20s longing for the admiration of "Mr. Wrong."  Looking back he was kind of gross but my enamored soul was in denial.  I remember S telling me numerous times: "He doesn't like you, he doesn't want to be with you". It may sound harsh but it really wasn't.  I should have listened to her instead of spending countless hours hoping and praying he would fall in love with me.  He never did.  It was heartbreaking.  How could I, a logical person, fall for the "wrong guy"?  I was friendly, funny,smart, witty . . . what was I missing?  Nothing.  I wasn't missing anything.  Mr. Wrong just wasn't the guy for me.  Obviously or we'd be together.  But how could my 20 something year old soul realize that?  There's no logic or reason behind our feelings.  If we could logically sort through our feelings we'd never suffer heartbreak or love for that matter.  I finally accepted the fact that "He just wasn't into me" and gave myself time to grieve and finally moved on.  Time heals all wounds doesn't it?  It sure does.  If waiting it out isn't your thing here's a helpful guide: How to get over unrequited love in 10 easy steps.  

Looking back I am thankful nothing ever happened.  I went on to marry a great and caring man who loves me unconditionally.  So for all those loving souls out there don't forget that things always happen for a reason.  You may not know it yet but soon you'll see.

Years later when I was engaged "he" made contact.  All of a sudden I'd become the woman he wanted me to be.  A little too late.  All I ever wanted was a declaration of love and when I finally received it, it didn't matter anymore.  

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