Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Packing my bags . . .

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ok, I am only packing one bag.  My hospital bag.  I have done extensive research and finally decided what to pack.  I also need to pack the baby bag.  I just don't know what to pack for the day I am supposed to leave the hospital . . .  yes, I'll probably be tired and sore and what not but I want Baby K to have the best first impression of his mommy.  My coming home outfit is going to be centered around the shoes.  V does not want me wearing heels but if they're going to wheel me down in a wheelchair anyway then what does it matter it's not like I'll be walking much and I have had no swelling.  So, I have my options below.  As a back up I am also packing the most comfortable pair of sandals I own, a pair of Gucci thong sandals that have been through so much with me the last few years.  The leather and the tassels are worn but they are still the most comfortable ever!
I'm 37.5 weeks and at my appointment today my doctor said: I'll see you in a week or sooner.  AHHH!!! I think he'll be here March 5, 13 or 18.  Not sure but he'll be here soon enough!
What do you think of my shoe options? 
Christian Louboutin Filo, Christian Louboutin Galia in black, Charlotte Olympia Luna pump no longer available, Isabel Marant Balesi no longer available.  This season's favorite,Isabel Marant Burt.


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