Thursday, January 30, 2014


Thursday, January 30, 2014

I have a bad case of pregnancy brain. V says that I'm driving him crazy because I'm incoherent and forgetful. It's very frustrating for me because I never forget anything.  Ever. Ever. Ever. 

Yesterday I double paid a bill because I'd forgotten I'd already paid it.  That's not that bad but still. I have to set reminders on my phone so I won't forget to do things.  WTF?! The really bad thing is that I accidentally deleted A LOT of my pictures from my blog. Pictures dating back to September. I tried to re-upload them but blogger is giving me an error so I'm going to need a few days to fix it. Ahhhh this is so frustrating. Oh well.

Update: I was able to restore my pics! Yay, I had to google a lot to figure it out but I did it!  

This is from the Oprah website. 2009. Go figure.
  • The brain shrinks during pregnancy—it does not lose cells but changes metabolism and restructures. Then in the final one to two weeks, the brain begins to increase in size again and construct maternal circuits. It does not return to its former size until about six months after giving birth. "We don't know what it's doing but we think it has something to do with redeveloping the mommy brain's circuits, but also maybe even letting the fetus 'snack' on the mommy's brain," Dr. Brizendine says.
Read more:

Well if baby K is snacking on my brain, go right ahead baby.  Mommy wants a smart boy. 

My pregnancy brain tally:
- I double pay bills
- I lose train of thought
- I confuse myself more than usual
- I confuse my husband because he says I haven't been speaking in complete sentences

The most frustrating thing of all is losing my train of thought in front of a patient.  They laugh and think it's cute, I don't! It's embarrassing. 

To make matters worse I am in complete denial of what's ahead.  I have a business, work part time and have this blog and I am about to have a baby and so far I think I am going to be able to handle all of it.  One of my colleagues told me that he supports me 100% but that he won't blame me if I don't go back to work on Sundays.  That's my favorite day to work! The good thing is that as a business owner I have the freedom to alter my schedule to fit my mom duties and in the future hire someone to work part time so I don't have to work 7 days a week.  Our baby's pediatrician is right across the hall from my office so it's super convenient.  There's also a nanny service in my office, it's called my receptionist.  She's great! V telecommutes so he is staying home with the baby so that's going to be perfect! Right?! Besides men aren't judged for bringing home the bacon so why should career oriented women be any different?

Maybe life doesn't have to be completely different after baby . . . maybe just maybe I can juggle it all.
Stay tuned . . . due date March 10!


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