Monday, December 3, 2012

She's just not that into you

Monday, December 3, 2012
Maybe she is but probably not. Over the weekend I went out for a friend's birthday.  All my friends are super hot so it was no surprise that a surplus of men were ogling after them.

A good looking male approached the group and asked: who are the married girls and who are the fun girls? Now I have to say I was a little annoyed because one you are implying married women aren't fun or you're implying that the "fun girls" are DTF. Thanks Jersey Shore for the reference. Now, I'd like to clarify a few things.

Just because you are married doesn't mean you can't have fun and two just because you're single doesn't mean you're looking to get "laid". K? Most girls like to go to the bar/club to have fun.  That's it.  The creepiest thing is when you see that one lonesome guy at the club.  You know the one who is there by himself standing behind a large group of women.   I always feel bad for him.

Here are a few clues to tell whether she's into you or not . . .

1. If she's avoiding eye contact she's not into you. That includes looking around the room and not facing you when you're talking to her. It also includes looking away and tilting her ear towards you.
2. If she's looking for her friends she's not into you.
3. If she's trying to get the attention of her friend standing next to her she's not into you.
4. If she's not smiling or laughing at your jokes she's not into you.
5. If she's ignoring you she's not into you.
6. If she tells you she's going to the restroom do not offer to escort her . . . she's not into you.
7. If she lets out a loud sigh she's not into you.
8. If she's responding with one word answers she's not into you.
9. If she tells you she can't hear you she's not into you.  This is true if I'm really into a guy I pretend like I can hear everything he's saying.
10. If she keeps saying "uh-huh" she's not into you.
11. If she's holding her friends arm or hand she's not into you.

I know these seem pretty obvious but trust me my friend kept grabbing my hand and this guy wouldn't get it.  I finally had to pretend like we were leaving.  Five minutes later he approached someone else in the group.  Whomp Whomp  Most guys I meet out are pretty nice though.  Some of them.

I don't know many couples who met at clubs or bars.  Most couples I know met at school, work or through a mutual friend.  So if you really want to pick up "chicks" I recommend you enroll at a few classes at your local community college.  You'll get your learn on and your freak on.  Missy Elliot.  Peace!

And now the pics . . . .  I kept it super casual this weekend

Friday's OOTD: Top BCBG similar style found here.  Snake print coated jeans: J. Brand.  The jeans are sold out online but I know for a fact Last Call Studio in the Mosaic town center in Merrifield, VA carries them and they are on sale for $99.  Similar style found here.  Shoes: Enzo Angiolini "Tanen" pump

Saturday's OOTD Rag and bone pull over with suede paneling.  This has to be my favorite piece.  I bought at OFF Fifth in Orlando.  Similar Rag and Bone found here.  Bottom: Hue lacquer leggings.  Shoes: Christian Louboutin Arborina.  Budget friendly version here.

My photog wasn't out on Friday.  I had to resort to phone pics! 

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