Thursday, June 14, 2012

Work in Progress . . .

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Is it sad that the highlight of my day was learning about the newest H&M collaboration? Maison Martin Margiela Autumn/Winter 2012.  I know, I'm like two days late. I read it in Forbes.  Isn't that something? I read real news!  Anyway, back to my conundrum.  Yes, it's a conundrum because I never make it to the store to get these amazing fashion pieces.  I was really excited about the Lanvin colab, but didn't make it.  I was ok excited about Versace but yup  . . . didn't make it and I was SUPER excited about Marni and guess what? I didn't make it.  I attribute this to my lack of commitment.  I have aqueous deficient dry eye and I cannot for the life of me commit to Restasis.  I know, pathetic.  I was able to commit to dinner last night with some friends so that was fun! Summer nights in DC are my favorite because it can be 90 degrees outside and by the evening it will be a breezy 75 degrees.  I had one of my favorite bags: Balenciaga Classic City.  How this went from Maison Martin Margiela/H&M to Balenciaga is beyond me.  See, I can't even commit to one subject.  I literally have hundreds of thoughts running through my mind at any given time.  I'm excited to see how H&M's latest collaboration turns out.  Perhaps, I can find a way to camp out or be at the mall at 8 AM.  Hmmm, I guess that means I need a "camping out at the mall" outfit.  

"Work in Progress"
New York and Co. Top, J. Brand Jeans, Balenciaga sandals, Balenciaga City Bag, Kendra Scott necklace

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