Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Blues

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Don't you just dread Mondays?  Well, I don't. I love them. It's a new work week, a new school week etc. etc. Everything starts fresh. Some of my favorite holidays fall on Monday: Memorial day and Labor day. Last night V and I decided to go out in DC. Dinner with my man what more can a girl ask for? How about the freedom to wear whatever I want?! Don't get me wrong V doesn't care all that much but once in a while I get a "look". His reason is always the same: you're in DC not New York or you're in DC not South Beach! I can't blame the guy. He's partially right. I remember Tim Gunn referring to DC as "the city of uniforms". Uniforms and prepsters. Everyone looks so pretty and put together but you can't blame them. Many work for the government or in the government or have an internship hoping to eventually end up in government. I have always tried to look "put together" that is until I gave up. I won't ever be that girl whose hair and makeup look perfect. It's not me so now that I've given up that notion I'm more confident and comfortable in my own skin. DC is not that bad though. The fashionistas come out on the weekend when L2 is flooded with young 20 somethings parading in 5 inch Louboutins and the latest trends or when the hipsters hit the U street corridor. Fashion in DC is so segregated. Needless to say I changed but I wasn't too thrilled about it and guess what happened? After all that we ended up in Arlington but of course a woman on one side of me was wearing a black pencil skirt and Ferragamo heels and the other a green t shirt dress and flats? And what am I wearing?! Torn jeans and spiked heels. Story of my life: I stand out wherever I go. I am a bit narcissistic. Blame it on Napoleon.  Which look do you like better?

"Monday Blues" Outfit #1: Burberry top, Jcrew Shorts, Christian Louboutin wedges

"Monday Blues" Outfit #2: Alice and Olivia Peplum top, Current Elliot Boyfriend jeans, Sam Edelman heels

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