Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday, February 3, 2013
It's a great day to be alive world! History in the making.  The Harbaugh bowl.  Who to root for? The young multi-dimensional Colin Kaepernick or the loyal veteran Ray Lewis?  My loyalty is reserved for two teams, the Texans and the Redskins and since neither is in the super bowl (obviously) the decision on who to root for has been quite challenging.  On one hand you have Kaepernick who is really cute and who was in the midst of a quarterback controversy when he rose above and led the niners to the super bowl.  Let's not forget Mr. Randy Moss who just can't seem to get a ring.  After all you cannot claim to be the greatest wide receiver to play the game and not have a ring Randy, c'mon.  Third time's a charm!  Maybe.  On the other hand you have Ray Lewis who is retiring this year, but he already has a ring.  It would be awesome though to retire with a bang.  A memorable ending to a successful career.  Hmm, this decision has proven to be quite difficult, but I'm going to go with my gut.  Ladies and gentlemen I am rooting for the Ravens!  It's really only because I have a black and purple Batman shirt I want to wear and I still think the Ravens are the best dressed team in the NFL.  Who are you rooting for?

not my pic courtesy of the web AP Photos/Mark Humphrey, Matt Slocum

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  1. I always root for the team who hasn't won or hasn't won the super bowl in awhile. Since Ravens have won it more recently then the 49ers, I'm rooting for SF.


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