Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Who are you?" A tale of a brief yet memorable encounter

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On a birthday trip to NYC two years ago I saw the most beautiful smile I've ever seen outside my window.  V was driving into New York City and there she was.  Hillary Swank.  She was walking her dogs.  I was star struck, even though I didn't meet her or ask for an autograph and I was inside a moving vehicle it was still very exciting.

I sometimes run into celebrities out on the street.  Sometimes.

The date was October 2011.  My girlfriends and I were in Puerto Rico for a bachelorette party.  The first night we decided to take a cab to Old San Juan.  There he was.  Crossing the street.  One of the most talented men I have ever met.  Benicio del Toro.  I literally spotted him from a mile away.  I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me and I caught up to him right before he entered a bar.  I was so excited.  Now this wasn't creepy at all.  I grabbed him by the arm and said: "You're Benicio del Toro.  I've never seen Traffic but I love you.  You're from Puerto Rico and you just had a baby with Kimberly Stewart!"  OMG.  The horror.  His response was: "Who are you?"  I think he thought I was with TMZ.  Needless to say my friends finally caught up to me and took a picture.  I don't think Benicio remembers me at all as we only met for a few minutes but I am so embarrassed.  Why did I feel the need to recite this man's own life to him? He's he, he knows his life.  He doesn't need me to remind him.  Hashtag Fail.

Benicio, if you ever read this I just want to apologize for creeping you out bro.  I hope our paths cross again so that I can have a proper conversation with you and perhaps buy you a drink of sorts.  Si?

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  1. Meeting a celeb is always fun.
    Great story!


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