Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bring it back

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
I love gold. When I was young my mom and I went to gold parties. We played loteria aka Mexican bingo but instead of B6 we would hear "el jarrito". There was an entry fee of about $20 and whoever won the round would win whatever piece of jewelry was up for grabs. Mostly rings and earrings but it was so much fun! Growing up I had four favorite gold pieces. One was a small Virgin Mary pendant I received on my first communion. Another was a gold bracelet my dad gave me on Christmas 1994, another Virgin Mary pendant from my quinceanera and last but not least my name plate. Oh how I loved my name plate. I wanted one so badly and all my friends had one. Finally, my parents gave in and bought me one. It wasn't the fanciest but it was mine. I remembered a small part of it seemed a little crooked so I tried to even it out using a nail file. FAIL! My sister had a really nice one. The point of my story is that I've decided to bring back the name plate. It almost made a come back in 1998 when we were all introduced to Carrie Bradshaw but it never fully took off. Recently, I started spotting some name plates online and stackable name rings but I have yet to see someone wearing one. So, let's bring back the name plate! Next time I'm home I'll be sure to look for mine and start rocking it because far before Carrie Bradshaw there was me and all my friends.

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