Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tea anyone?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Last Sunday my sister took me to the St. Regis for tea as my birthday gift. We had a lovely time. Sandwiches, scones, patisseries and tea. What's not to like? A lot of women were dressed up.  There were a few in jeans and some were even wearing hats. We opted for simple dresses and heels. Nothing fancy. We were there from 3-5. We ate and chatted. It was fun! At one point I was sitting there as my sister went to the restroom and I started fantasizing about Drake of course, being at the St. Regis and all.  So here's how my daydreaming went down.  I pictured my sister coming out of the restroom, running into Drake in the hallway and telling him it was my birthday and then Drake coming into the tea room, meeting me, hugging me and then we would end this perfect encounter by taking a selfie.  Well, that didn't happen.  Haha! Later on I realized Drake had been in town and performed at a block party so maybe it just wasn't meant to be otherwise he would have met me and probably fallen in love with me as many do and I'm married, with a son and pregnant.  I couldn't handle a tabloid scandal . . . sigh.  

Outfit deets below!

Outfit deets: Zara mid length dress, SJP Fawn, similar here and here, LV ALMA PM bag


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