Thursday, May 17, 2012


Thursday, May 17, 2012
Did I ever tell you my secret passion for mixology? Well, now you know. Sometimes I pretend I'm a bartender and make drinks for V. I wanted to hire a bartender for his birthday party but he vetoed the proposal so it was up to me to conjure all the drinks.  I came up with the best drink.  Ever.  Maybe not ever but it's still pretty good.  I am not sure if I invented the drink per say as I am sure there's one out there that's very similar but for the purpose of this blog post I'll say I invented it.  I have called it an Almatini because well, I am slightly narcissistic.  The recipe is quite simple.  It involves mixing (chilled) peach vodka, with simply lemonade's mango lemonade and a dash of pineapple juice.  Just a dash of pineapple or else the pineapple takes over.  The taste resembles that of a lychee martini and it is sweet so if you don't like sweet don't try it.  I garnished mine with blue berries because I like blueberries but mango or any other fruit will work too.  Enjoy a luxury cocktail at home without paying a fortune at the bar or have at your next gathering.  Maybe I did invent it because I can't imagine a bar carrying mango lemonade.  Frozen is really yummy too just blend it with ice the same way you would make a smoothie.

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