Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We have a new friend, Xena.  She's our super cutie lab-boxer mix puppy. Boxador, I think?  I literally know nothing about canines.  My sister in law's boss gave it to her but seeing that they have three Chihuahuas at home, she gave her to us.  The owner didn't want her because she's a girl and she's a little chubby apparently.  I can't tell she's overweight.  She's 6 weeks old.  The vet said she's healthy and happy.  She got her shots today.  She keeps following me around and she keeps gnawing at my feet.  She's so cute! She's supposed to grow to 50 lbs, dang that's big.  My research shows that Boxadors are fun and lovable and good for kids so that's good since we have a 7 month old.  Xena is so sweet and has these huge eyes, she looks a bit strabismic actually.  She'll probably grow out of it though.  She's getting used to us but she seems to be adjusting well. I can't wait to get her this bed or this one, super cute!

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