Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Niko's Big Fat Greexican Baptism

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last weekend we celebrated Niko's baptism in Northern Virginia and for some reason I thought I had more pictures.  It turns out I don't.  I forgot to hire a photographer.  What's the lesson here? Never skimp out on a photographer.  Just hire one.  

The ceremony was nice, baptismal.  Three sacraments were performed, baptism, communion and confirmation.  The Catholic church performs the same sacraments but at different times.  Niko goes in wearing one outfit then after he is submerged in water he is then changed into his white suit.  It was very nice.  He seemed happy and he looked so handsome! 

For the reception I made the centerpieces and all the decorations.  My hubby's friend owns t'Kila Latin Kitchen and Bar and he catered the event.  The food was delicious.  Next time you happen to be in Northern Virginia make sure you check them out.  My father in law is a chef so he also made a contribution.  It was a Greexican affair after all so the menu included fajitas, pastichio, tyropita and baklava.  The cake was from Castro's bakery in Falls Church.  That cake was da bomb (do people still say that?). DJ Sexy was in charge of the entertainment.  It was such a momentous occasion in the life of our little man and it was followed by such a fun night!

We are very thankful to those who shared this special moment with us. 

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