Sunday, August 5, 2012

All that glitters . . . .

Sunday, August 5, 2012
I decided to make my own glitter flats.  I have a few pairs of glittered heels but no flats.  I was inspired by a picture I saw on the Neiman Marcus facebook page.  I decided to use an old pair of metallic flats.  I've had them since 2007 and I have not been wearing them lately.  I wasn't sure how to apply the glitter but then I remembered something!  When I was a little girl my dad sanded everything before painting it so . . . I sanded my shoes!! After that everything was quite easy.  So why spend hundreds of dollars on designer shoes when you can make and customize your own!

1.  Pick a pair of shoes.  Preferably fabric.  It's easier to apply the glitter on fabric.
2.  Sand the shoes.
3.  Tape the areas not being glittered.
4.  Apply glue to the surface.  I used spray glue from Michaels.
5.  Sprinkle with glitter.
6.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times to achieve desired results.
7.  Apply sealer to seal the glitter.

That's it.  Voila! Done!

I purchased all my materials from Michael's.

Not bad for my first try . . . I think.  :0

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Inspiration photo
Metallic flats

Step 1: Sand the surface
Step 2: Tape areas not being treated

Finished product!
Wearing my new flats!

OOTD: Rag and bone jeans, Joie top, DIY glitter flats

Before and After

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  1. Those are too cute....u can make me some next! Rasheen


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