Thursday, April 12, 2012

Whip it!

Thursday, April 12, 2012
V surprised me on the last day of my birthday with Drake tickets.  Yesssss! Since then I've been on a mission to find a Chanel belt bag.  I went to Chanel several times and they are not making any! They did at one point but not anymore.  I've been scouring numerous websites and ebay to find one and I did but . . . I don't have an ebay account.  I know!!! Who doesn't have an ebay account?! V has one but I didn't feel comfortable asking him to get it for me.  Instead I decided to make my own! I made it out of an old Tory Burch tank top.  I know! I love Tory Burch but I hadn't worn it since October 15, 2009 and it's not lined so it itches.  Instead of donating it or selling it I decided to reuse it.  Here is the break down.
1. Draw the pattern on tissue paper then cut it (my mom taught me this).
2. Trace pattern out on the fabric about one inch bigger than what you want to incorporate the sewing.
3. Sow the pattern
4. Line it with felt.
5. Line with pipe cleaners to give it form.
6. Sow 3 loops in the back
7. Hook through a cute belt.
voila done!

The next time I am going to cut the pattern our of the felt then line the inside and outside then stitch.  :)
It sounds pretty easy and it is but it took me about 3 hours total to complete.  I am going to make another one. This one is super cute but a bit rough. 

After this post I need to re-visit how to write "how to" papers.  :/

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