Monday, August 14, 2017

cake, cake, cake

Monday, August 14, 2017

I spent my Sunday afternoon baking a cake and eating it too . . . actually, I just decorated a cake.  It was so much fun . . . but work.
My friend Monica invited me to a cake decorating class yesterday and I am so happy I went! We made an ice cream drip cake.  I am definitely not a pro but I learned some techniques and I am excited to put them to good use. The cakes were already baked for us, I picked vanilla and it was so delicious. Renee Main was our instructor and she was amazing and so patient.   I look forward to attending more classes and learning new techniques.  I found it extremely relaxing, now I understand why some people love to bake.  Maybe I'll start baking as a stress reliever.  I probably won't make any money off my cake decorating skills but I'll be sure to use them for our family parties.  Ok, that's it for now . . . I hope to not leave my blog so neglected but it's so hard with two little men running around!
til next time . . .

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