Saturday, September 17, 2016

Nudes, nudes, nudes

Saturday, September 17, 2016


It's so hard to get date night with my boo now with two little boos.  We were able to squeeze one in last month for Houston Restaurant Weeks.  We went to B&B butchers and it was really good!  You'll love it if you're into eating meat and all that, it's really good. 

I really love neutrals.  I tried to incorporate color the summer of 2012 and that worked out well but I just really, really love black, white, gray and nudes.  That's pretty much it. 

I love this Theory Parieom Top.  I love the twist back detail.  I'm also in love with these jeans, a few season's old, but they are great and they can easily be transitioned into your fall wardrobe.  Similar here and here.   And of course my love for nudes doesn't stop with clothing, my accessories reflect similar taste.  How many pairs of shoes and bags of the same palette do you need? All of them DUH! There's different shades.  I love a good nude shoe and this pair of Louboutin's is probably one of my most comfortable. 

I guess we'll see when our next date night is, I already know what I'm wearing (lol). In the meantime I'll try to blog more often.  



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