Thursday, May 9, 2013


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Merriam-Webster defines Optimism as:
1. a doctrine that this world is the best possible world
2. an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome

When faced with life changing events I can't help but worry.  I worry all the time and then I realized why . . . because I'm an idealist.  Life SHOULD be a certain way but it's not and that's my problem, I cannot accept the fact that life isn't the way it should.  For example: people shouldn't be racist.  People shouldn't be greedy.  People should be nice.  People should be thoughtful.  People shouldn't be corrupt.  I don't understand these eternal optimists.  I'm a positive person too and I always want the best and hope for the best but I just can't accept the fact that at this particular time the situation that I am in is the optimal situation at the moment.  I cannot accept that.  I can't accept that everything is as it should be because it shouldn't be this way. 

When being faced with a glass of water an optimist will say the glass is half full and a pessimist will say the glass is half empty.  Well, I'm not satisfied with any of those answers.  The glass should be full.  It should always be full! Why can't you just go get some more water and fill it? I don't understand why I would just settle and accept that my life is at it's best right now.  I was happy with my job but I wanted to open a practice (glass half full) so I opened a practice (glass full).  One semester I needed to make all Bs in class to pass (glass half full) so I studied and made the grades (glass full).  The problem now is that my mom is sick and I can't fill the glass with water because I don't know how to make her better aside from what her doctor's have said.  Unless, I find the cure for cancer the glass will have to remain half full and that's very hard for me to accept because I'm used to making things happen and I can't do anything right now.  Nothing.  I have to come up with something.

I've always pitied optimists because they settle.  They make the best out of any situation, instead of trying to change things they accept life as it is and think everything will be all right, but now that's all I'm left with.  Optimism.  Optimism and hope.  Hope that everything will be ok.  And it will be ok because it has to be. 

At least I know the glass will never be half empty. 

Can you tell the difference between either?

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