Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#staywoke . . . it's not always black or white

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sometimes I have so much to say but I can't seem to verbalize it or there's so much running through my head that when I do say it I feel like no one understands "the words that are coming out of my mouth". Today, however I do have just a little bit to say.  I may come off a bit narcissistic at times or a bit self righteous and my friends can attest to that but I feel like I'm a good person and I try my best to be open minded and kind but I what I really try to do on the daily is to look outside myself which can be really hard to do. Just because something doesn't affect me it doesn't mean it doesn't affect millions of other people. Just because I can do something doesn't mean everyone else can do it and just because I have an opinion doesn't mean everyone else shares the same. I've learned that and it's become apparent now more than ever . . . but if there were 3 million women marching in DC, don't you think that's worth looking into? Why were they marching? If gag orders have been placed on federal agencies that are only trying to educate the public, don't you wonder why? If corporations don't want GMO labeling, don't you wonder why? Why? WHY? So you can hold on to your opinions and speak your truth but I ask that we all take the time to educate ourselves, a little research can go a long way.  I mean if 8 out of 10 people tell you that How to get away with murder is good, aren't you going to at least watch the pilot and see for yourself?! I don't know everything and sometimes people ask me something and I'm like "uh, I don't have enough info to formulate an opinion" . . . it's true, I cannot comment on everything that's going on in the world because I don't know half of it . . . but I try to educate myself and learn as much as I can because honestly that's all we have.  I read an article years ago that implied that DJ Khaled could be the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because DJ Khaled is Palestinian but Israelis and Palestinians like him alike.  I mean that was a pretty far stretched thought but who knows, I know nothing about Khaled aside from his snapchat stories, he posts a lot, but it's a thought right . . . a hopeful one.  Everyone says that all we need is love but honestly all we need is a little bit of empathy . . . just because you cannot relate or because you don't agree with something, it does not make it wrong.  Our forefathers fought for the freedom of speech . . . it would be a shame to silence us.

Now onto something that is literally black and white . . . my outfit . . . deets below . . .


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