Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm having lunch as I am writing this and I seriously cannot tell if I'm having a contraction or if it's just gas. Yes, this is my second baby, how can I not know what a contraction feels like? We'll let me tell you it feels like you're cramping and you have to poo all at once. It's like the worst menstrual cramping of your life.  I googled it for you guys in case you don't believe me (see image below). 

So we are ready to welcome our baby.  I am 37 weeks so I am full term.  Dr says baby may be here next week.  We are so excited to give baby Niko a sibling!  The baby will be in our room and Niko will get his own room.  We have been working on Niko's room the last two weeks.  So far no bueno.  I ordered a toddler bed and Niko slept in it a total of 3 hours one night, he usually sleeps through the night in his huge joovy 2 play plen so we went to ikea and purchased a full sized bed.  Daddy has to paint it now and I have to order a mattress.  AHHH! So I guess we still have some stuff to figure out.  We don't want Niko in room with new baby.  Niko is a perfect little sleeper and we don't want to disrupt his sleep. 

My bag is packed but I decided I needed a new diaper bag so I ordered one but didn't like it so I sent it back and ordered a new one.  Also, I am not sure I love the shoes I bought to leave the hospital in so maybe new shoes? I still need to get nails done.  Bikini wax and eyebrow wax are done.  William says I need not worry about his bag so I won't. 

Ahh! That's all I got for now.  V and I are going to the movies tonight . . . I think.  We are going to watch Batman V superman or whatever.  I know we are super late but better late than never!


MZ Wallace Kate diaper bag, I'll let you know if I like.

Orbelle toddler bed, super cute bit not for us.

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