Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roaring 20s

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Last Friday V and I attended a 20s inspired gala.  So much fun!  I pinned up my normally long hair into a faux bob.  I improvised the hair a little compared to the tutorial.  I wanted curls so I curled then teased and instead of tying it with a hair tie and pinning it, I just pinned the loose ends.  It was such a fun event! 
Whenever I think of the 20s I think of flappers, fringe, drop waists, short hair, head bands, cigarettes, gloves, thin eyebrows etc. etc. I knew exactly what to wear!
This Alice and Olivia was purchased 2 years ago at Neiman's and I wore it for NYE 2012.  The shoes were purchased in 2011 and the pearls are my mom's so no new clothes were purchased for this event which was super exciting! See, all my old clothes get a second chance.  I had to purchase the headband, but that was it. 
OOTD: Alice and Olivia beaded dress, no longer available.  Similar style here. Joan and David sling backs no longer available but similar style here.  Tasha 'Stop & Stare' head wrap found here.

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